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Hurricane Insurance Claims

As thousands of Texans know from personal experience, hurricanes rank among the most devastating of all natural disasters. The combination of wind and water, along with the sheer size and duration of a major hurricane, can result in financial losses that total billions of dollars. Individual homeowners bear the worst of those damages and are left with the nearly unbearable burden of putting their lives back together.

If you are trying to reassemble your life after a hurricane, you want a lawyer who understands your rights and who will be an advocate for you. Houston insurance claims attorney Brad T. Wyly, the founder of Wyly & Cook, PLLC , is that type of lawyer. He will meet with you personally to review the details of your policy and will help you understand your legal options.


Most homeowners seek to protect themselves against the worst losses from hurricanes with insurance policies. Unfortunately, insurance companies have a vested interest in paying as little as possible and will make the task of filing claims and collecting payments as difficult as possible. It is important to know everything that your policy covers so that you aren’t left empty-handed after a disaster.

For those who are victims of Hurricane Ike, the Texas Department of Insurance has a resource page with very helpful information on flood and windstorm coverage, as well as the Bill of Rights for Texas consumers filing home and auto insurance claims.


One of the most common insurance issues after a hurricane is determining whether the damage was the result of rain and wind or flooding. This is because most home insurance policies do not cover flood damage. Flood protection must be purchased separately and not every homeowner carries this coverage.

Many insurance companies will automatically classify water damage as flood damage in an attempt to minimize their financial responsibility. A lawyer well-versed in hurricane damage claims will be able to help you to determine the extent to which you are actually protected and will fight for the payments you deserve.


When it comes to insurance carriers, Texas law is designed to protect consumers. That means that there are strict laws regarding unethical business practices. These practices include:

  • Unfairly aggressive, negligent, or deceptive practices;
  • Unfair rejection of a claim; and
  • Underestimating or underpaying a claim.

If you believe your insurer has wrongly denied your home, personal property, or automobile insurance claim, or has treated you unfairly in anyway, you should contact an attorney immediately. You may have a bad faith insurance claim against your insurer that could entitle you to monetary damages.

Recovering from a hurricane is difficult. Do not make your life harder by accepting less than you’re entitled to under the law. You need legal representation that is both competent and compassionate. You deserve legal counsel that will fight for you. At Wyly & Cook, PLLC , that’s exactly what you’ll get; contact us to discuss your situation and legal options.