Apartment Complex Claims

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Apartment Complex Commercial Property Claims


Apartment complexes or condominium complexes, otherwise known as multi-family properties, are often some of the hardest-hit properties in the event of a disaster. As a landlord and property owner, you have obligations to your tenants that you must fulfill, and it can be difficult to do so in the event of a major, catastrophic damage.

To make matters worse, insurance companies may often drag their feet when it comes to paying out on these claims because of their large nature. When you need assistance in getting your claim resolved efficiently and effectively, contact the skilled Houston insurance claim attorneys at Wyly & Cook, PLLC. Our team understands that in many cases insurance companies try to avoid their legal responsibilities to their policy holders, resulting in delays or unjust reductions of much-needed compensation. We fight for the needs of our clients to help restore their properties back the way they were as quickly as possible.

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Even though you may be covered for the damage your property has sustained, insurance companies who are concerned only with their bottom line will frequently look to pay you as little as possible. Let us represent you and get your claim settled how it should be.

We can help you for all types of damage claims, including:

  • Fire
  • Tornado
  • Hurricane
  • Hailstorms
  • High-wind damage
  • Lightning
  • Flooding or water damage
  • Mold & Mildew

If you are in a dispute with your insurer, do not hesitate to seek help from our experienced attorneys. Let us hold your insurance company responsible for adhering to the policy which you have purchased and fight to get you the compensation you deserve for your losses.

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