Hail Damage

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Hail Damage Claims in Texas


A hailstorm is any storm that produces hail, and can result in severe property damage. Hailstones consist of layers of ice and can vary from very small pea sized particles to being as large as golf balls. Hailstones that are ¾ of an inch or larger can cause significant property damage, although in some instances even small hailstones can damage to delicate crops. Heavy rains usually accompany hailstorms, which can result in further damages and losses.

Insurance should cover the costs of repairing or replacing hail damage to property or crops, but insurers sometimes attempt to avoid paying out all or part of policy holders’ claims. If you are having difficulty obtaining rightful compensation for your losses, do not hesitate to involve a Houston insurance claim attorney from our team.

Wyly & Cook, PLLC is experienced in all aspects of homeowners insurance claims and commercial property claims. We understand the difficulties that people experience when they have property damage to their homes, vehicles, and commercial properties, and we believe that they deserve fair compensation. If your insurance company is acting in bad faith, it is important to seek legal advocacy and guidance from our team right away.


Hailstones form in certain weather conditions where there are thunderstorm clouds, strong upward air currents, large water droplets and below freezing temperatures in a significant portion of the clouds. The strong upward current is similar to a tornado, and can be very destructive. Property damage from hailstorms can include roof damage, and destroyed crops.

After a hailstorm, it is important to exercise caution when venturing outside. There may be broken glass on the ground, downed live utility wires, and debris. If your property was damaged, you should take pictures if possible so you will have evidence when submitting an insurance claim. Having representation from an attorney can make a tremendous difference in the success of your claim to your insurance company, and help you obtain the compensation needed to repair hail and rain damage or to replace your damaged property.


The insurance claims process can be confusing and complicated, and your insurer may not act in your best interests. Your insurance company may try to settle quickly and for a smaller amount than you are entitled to receive. They may cancel your policy for no good reason or withhold coverage you are eligible for from your commercial or residential policy.

If you enlist the experienced assistance of our lawyers, however, you can be confident that your rights will be protected and that you will not be taken advantage of by your insurer. Our firm is dedicated to helping clients in Texas obtain fair settlements for losses caused by hail damage. Attorney Brad Wyly is also licensed to practice law in New York, and can assist clients with filing storm claims.

If you sustained losses as the result of hail damage, let us help you with your insurance claims needs. Contact a Houston insurance claim lawyer from Wyly & LLP today to discuss your situation and available options!