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Residential Property Claims in Texas

Most homeowners try to guard against the worst kinds of property damage caused by fire, wind, tornados, hurricanes and other disasters by having residential property insurance.Homeowners’ insurance policies provide peace of mind. If you have a dispute with your insurance company about payment of a residential homeowners claim, you may need an experienced first-party claims lawyer to assist you.


At Wyly & Cook, PLLC , we are committed to helping Texas homeowners obtain the full value of their first-party property loss claim. We will evaluate your first-party claim free of charge and offer you guidance on your legal options.


When you file a claim for damage, loss or injury with your own homeowner’s insurance company, you are making what is known as a first-party claim. The policyholder is the first party. As a policyholder, you have legal rights. Your insurer has a legal duty to deal with you fairly and act on your claim in a reasonable amount of time. If the insurance company fails to acknowledge your claim promptly or fails to act on it within specific time limit, the insurer may have to pay you penalties.

Many homeowners’ policies provide coverage of property damage caused by ice, snow or sleet, accidental discharge of water from the heating or air conditioning systems, fire protection sprinkler system, plumbing or a household appliance. But most homeowners’ policies don’t cover slow drips or leaks that cause damage over a long period of time. In some cases, homeowners’ insurance policies cover mold damage to a residential dwelling and defective building materials such as defective drywall.

After an accident, injury or disaster strikes, you expect your insurance company to pay full value on your residential loss claim. Unfortunately, insurance companies make money by minimizing the amount of money they pay out to settle claims. The insurer may issue an outright insurance claim rejection or denial. An insurance company may delay action on your claim or say the limits of your homeowners’ policy exclude coverage for your claim. The failure to investigate your homeowners claim or to process the claim properly can give a homeowner cause to file a bad faith insurance claim against an insurer.

At Wyly & Cook, PLLC we have seen many examples of insurance companies’ mistreatment of homeowners. An insurance company may initially offer to settle a claim for much less than the actual value of the loss. Homeowners don’t have to tolerate such treatment. We are experienced at dealing with insurance company adjusters and lawyers. Our Houston insurance claims attorney is committed to helping homeowners obtain full recovery after a loss.


If you are a homeowner who has experienced property damage or an accident and are having trouble getting your insurance company to pay the full value of your first-party claim, turn to Wyly & Cook, PLLC . Brad T. Wyly, founder of the Wyly & Cook, PLLC , is an experienced negotiator and skilled trial lawyer who has helped many homeowners deal with uncooperative insurance companies. He proudly represents clients in Texas and is also licensed to assist clients in New York with storm claims.

Wyly & Cook, PLLC , takes a firm approach in negotiations with insurance companies and brings years of experience to the negotiating table. We will evaluate your homeowner’s first-party claim free of charge and offer you guidance on your legal options. We are committed to helping you obtain your full insurance recovery, plus damages in many cases. Call us at (713) 236-8330 or contact us online to discuss your claim.