Roof Damage

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Roof Damage Insurance Claims


Texas often experiences violent storms, and policy holders commonly file claims for the damage that results to their residential and commercial properties. When a roof is damaged by a storm, the consequences can be significant, as there is often significant water damage as well. If an insurance adjuster has told you that you are not covered due to a specific clause in your policy or that the full compensation cannot be paid through your policy, it is time to get in touch with aHouston insurance claim attorney from Wyly & Cook, PLLC . Our team represents clients throughout Texas, and Attorney Brad Wyly is also licensed to practice law in the state of New York, where he can help residents file storm claims.

The insurance adjuster that came to your property to inspect may not have looked deeply into the effects of the incident on your roof and property, and may have failed to assess whether there were other damages. There could be additional structural damage that should have been discovered during inspection, which can be costly to repair. There can be serious ramifications to these looked over damages, such as dangerous mold growth. No matter what your situation is, we can assist you by reviewing your situation and determining the level of compensation you are entitled to receive. We know insurance law, and can use our experience to assist you in seeking rightful compensation.


Dealing with insurance companies can be exceptionally difficult, and many homeowners discover just how frustrating and distressing these interactions can be when trying to get their claims paid. Many report that they have been shuffled from one company representative to another, kept on hold for long periods of time, and then receive conflicting information from each person that they speak with, once they finally get connected. We understand how exhausting and discouraging these experiences can be, but we can work with you to seek a fair resolution to your claim.

The first step is to have your policy reviewed by our team to determine what damages and losses should have been covered by your policy. If you were told you were not covered or that there were limits on your coverage, we can investigate the assertion to evaluate whether you are being taken advantage of by your insurer. In an astounding number of cases, denied claims can be reversed, because the policy holders were covered in the first place.


We can hire experts to inspect your home and evaluate the actual extent of the damage and the costs of necessary repairs. Should the insurance company still refuse to provide a fair settlement according to the specific terms of your policy, we can help you seek justice in court through a lawsuit. These cases are termed “insurance bad faith”, because you did your part – making payments on your policy to maintain coverage – but the insurance company failed to uphold the terms of your policy. Your policy is a legal contract, and we can take action against bad faith in civil court. In many cases, the threat of a lawsuit can lead to a resolution. Our firm can assist you throughout the entire process and fight for your rights and interests and provide you with a strong legal voice. The large insurance companies should be held accountable when they fail to act in good faith, and we can help you seek justice. Call our firm today to learn how you can pursue maximum compensation for your roof damage claim!