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Water Damage Claims in Houston


Whether you have a commercial or residential property, water damage can have serious consequences. Standing water, broken pipes, leaks, or other harmful situations can go undetected until it is too late, and you could be left with costly damages. If you have insurance and have faithfully paid your premiums, and may have expected that there would be no problem getting the property fully repaired. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Your insurance company may tell you that your policy did not cover that specific type of leak or water damage. Or, your insurer may only give you enough to handle the obvious damage, without accounting for the possibility of mold growth and other health risks for your family or tenants.


You have likely faithfully paid your premiums, expecting that should anything occur, your insurer would provide you with the necessary settlement to restore your property to its prior condition. When this doesn’t occur and a valid claim is denied, it is time to take action and hold the insurance company accountable. At Wyly & Cook, PLLC , our Houston insurance claim lawyers can provide you with experienced and high quality legal representation if your water damage claim was denied or if your insurer’s offer does not cover the repair of the actual damage to your home or property.

Our attorneys are highly regarded in the legal community for the professional service we provide to our clients in civil court and in arbitration. In addition to helping clients in Texas, Attorney Brad Wyly is licensed to assist clients with storm claims in the state of New York. You can trust our firm to provide you with the exceptional representation needed to help you pursue the compensation you deserve if your property has been damaged by water.


Water damage claims are often some of the most expensive to resolve. The property may be damaged so severely that it is no longer usable or livable. The growth of mold is often a subsequent consequence of water damage and several types of mold are extremely dangerous to your health. Insurance companies sometimes try to avoid paying to repair all the water damage, which can leave soaked inner walls, floorboards, and other structures and cause dangerous mold growth.

Whether your water damage claim is related to hurricane damage, broken pipes, leaking appliances, or floods, you should have our team review your policy at once. You may have been told you were not covered by your policy, due to a specific clause, and our team can investigate this fact to determine your rights and options. If your insurance company is acting in bad faith and failing to pay a valid claim, you may be able to recover your full claim and additional damages, such as legal fees. Our firm can review the terms of your policy to determine what steps should be taken to move forward with your water damage claim.


The Houston insurance claim attorneys at our firm assist clients in all types of water damage claims, including claims involving plumbing leaks, roof leaks, broken hot water heater pipes, air conditioner leaks, and property foundation damages. We can review your policy and advise you about the coverage you actually carry and whether your insurance company is treating you unfairly. If your rights are being violated, our team can hold your insurer accountable by taking the case to court or seeking restitution through alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration.

Insurance companies pay more attention when a skilled lawyer is representing a claim, and we can advocate on your behalf. We carefully prepare each case to seek justice and maximum compensation for our clients, and we can provide you with exceptional guidance. Contact our firm immediately if your insurance company has failed to properly settle your water damage claim in Houston.