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Insurance Claim Disputes in Houston, TX


If you have ever tried to apply for an insurance claim, and your insurance company has either denied your claim, or offered an incredibly low amount of compensation, you can still dispute your provider. Insurance companies can sometimes act out of bad faith, and leave policy holders facing troubling financial situations. It is important to know that if you have paid your premiums, filed your claim in a timely manner and done all that you can to ensure that you receive the compensation that you deserve, and have still been denied, that you should contact a Houston insurance claims lawyer at Wyly & Cook, PLLC as soon as possible.


Insurers sometimes withhold benefits from policy holders for a number of reasons. Sometimes, these reasons are completely fabricated and the insurance companies are acting in poor faith. Insurance companies will sometimes act in bad faith if they receive numerous claims at once, such as after a hurricane or major fire, in an effort to save money. Some companies have been known to drop benefactors following a death, and therefore refuse to pay life insurance benefits. If you have been denied, you can dispute your insurance claim with the help of an experienced attorney.


When your insurance provider is acting in bad faith, it is important that you contact Wyly & Cook, PLLC immediately. The sooner you contact our firm and retain our legal services, the sooner we will be able to help you fight your insurance company. Our dedicated team will work with you to develop a strong case and fight for your rights. At Wyly & Cook, PLLC , we proudly provide free case evaluations to all potential clients, so if you have any questions regarding your situation, feel free to contact us. All inquiries, via email or telephone, will be responded to in 24 hours.